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Why ‘Help to Buy’ is the wrong solution to the wrong problem

I don’t like offering immediate knee-jerk reactions to new policy announcements these days, because there are already plenty of people out there who do that for a living, but today I’m making an exception. To be fair, housing is an … Continue reading

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Venality: a word whose time has come (again)

What’s the connection between John le Carré’s gripping new novel A Delicate Truth and Michael Sandel’s marvellously thought-provoking What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets? Well apart from the fact that they both made my summer reading list … Continue reading

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Time with God is time well spent

I came across these words on a billboard outside a Baptist Church whilst on holiday in North Carolina last month. In North Carolina (for those of you who haven’t been) you pass a Baptist Church approximately every 33 seconds and … Continue reading

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