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Changing minds: morality, irrationality and sustainability

Lately I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the perversity of my own behaviour. I know that humans are not, for the most part, rational beings. From books like Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow and Jonathan Haidt’s The … Continue reading

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The elephants in the room of British politics

The cover of this week’s New Statesman caught my eye. ‘WANTED: AN OPPOSITION’ it reads, next to a picture of a glowering, moustachioed Lord Kitchener. Inside, an impressive array of pundits and politicians hold forth on the parlous state of … Continue reading

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From generation to generation

This is the text of a “Thought for the Day” I gave at the St Endellion Easter Festival last week. I want to talk this morning about generations. There are three reasons for my choice of topic. Firstly, one of … Continue reading

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Climate change and capitalism: a movement of movements?

“And this brings us to the central question, the burning question. How do we slow down and stop [using fossil fuels] while sustaining our civilisation and continuing to bring millions out of poverty? Not by being virtuous, not by going … Continue reading

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