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The Growth Trap

In James Graham’s 2017 play Ink, Rupert Murdoch comes across as surprisingly likeable. The play tells the story of Murdoch’s takeover of The Sun newspaper in 1969 – at the time, a failing broadsheet – and its first year under … Continue reading

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What’s really happening to American jobs?

It was the over-riding theme of Trump’s inauguration speech: foreigners, aided and abetted by politicians in Washington, stole our jobs. Now we want them back. ‘For many decades, we’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry,’ yammered the … Continue reading

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Notes on consumerism: Black Friday, Michael Young and reinventing economics

On Friday, a significant number of my fellow citizens – most of whom, as far as I know, had no previous record of mental health issues – went completely mad. Footage of apparently unhinged hordes clambering over one another and … Continue reading

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